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Foot Levelers OrthoticsPosture

Foot levellersAt Chiropractic Connection we offer computerised scans of the feet to determine if there are any problems in the feet which could affect the rest of the body or be contributing to your spinal problem. We then use these scans to get custom-made orthotics to be worn in your shoes.

Healthcare professionals recognise that alleviating pain in one part of your body may require treating a different part. The pain you feel in your back could be caused by a misalignment in your spine which is caused by unbalanced positioning in your feet. See? It’s a chain reaction.






Both Drs Mark & Julie have studied a year of clinical nutrition, and are qualified to recommend nutritional supplements to you.

The mission of Metagenics Australia is to help people live happier, healthier lives. Their key to this mission is:

  • Scientific and clinical research
  • Highest quality ingredients and raw materials
  • Raw material testing for consistency and quality
  • Manufacturing standards that exceed industry benchmarks
  • Finished product analysis and testing.

The Metagenics quality process has continued to set itself above the industry standard as it has from the conception of the company over 20 years ago. We are committed to upholding the principles of safety, quality, and efficacy as the cornerstone of our mission to participate together in making a difference and to help bring people and their families back into a happier healthier life.


ONEGroupChiropractic Connection is proud to stock ONE Group products. One Group (the Organic and Natural Enterprise Group) are the formulators of ‘the world’s first certified organic skin care range’. With their Miessence products, ONE Group use only 100% natural and organic ingredients to create products that truly support and encourage healthy, balanced skin and hair.


Miessence Chiropractic Connection supplies an extensive range of Miessence make-up, face/ body care products, hair care products, and personal/ oral care products. ONE Group Miessence products contain active levels of botanical ingredients and are very beneficial to you and your body. Miessence products provide a natural, beneficial alternative to regular skin care and make-up products that may contain harmful or toxic chemicals.

To help increase your overall health and wellness, why not try incorporating some of our natural and organic products into your daily skin care routine.

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Baby DinkHolding infant using a BabyDink

BabyDink is a stretchy baby carrier designed for newborns. Perfect for the ‘fourth trimester’ it is ideal for baby’s ranging between 0-3 months, and can safely carry up to approx. 8kg.

SIMPLICITY- The wearer puts BabyDink on like a t-shirt. No wrapping, no buckles, no clips.

SUPPORT – Elasticized hip belt holds the carrier in place low and firm providing support, and distributing the baby’s weight evenly… No more aching back and shoulders. BabyDink moulds to the shape of the wearer and supports the baby firmly, making it safe, secure and ‘close enough to kiss’.

STYLE – Our carrier is for carers who prefer stylish accessories over bulky baby gear. The stretch fabric used in BabyDink is specially knitted in Melbourne. This beautiful fabric is soft, lightweight and breathable.

SIZING – Currently the design is unisex and sized to fit from XS to XXL .

For carers who love to be hands free!

Jennie McAlpine
Owner | Creator
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I : @babydinkwear

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Results Fitness Evolution

downloadResults Fitness Evolution is an invite only, Fitness Lifestyle Membership Program for both men and women who truly desire to optimise health, performance and body composition.

Their program includes motivational group exercise, nutrition advice and mentorship to help you reach your personal fitness and fat loss goals.

To learn more, call Chiropractic Connection (03) 5977 2000 today!

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